Truffles found

dwheeler at dwheeler at
Sun Mar 29 18:06:10 EST 1998

Today, March 28 went truffling at Jones Creek Tree Farm. Found examples of the
following hypogeous fungi (truffles):

Barssia oregonensis
Hymenogaster sps.
Melanogaster sps.
Rhizopogon sps.
Tuber sp. nov.
Tuber giganteum (nearly 2.5 pounds)
Tuber murinum

Of these the most interesting are, IMHO, the Melanogasters: species I seldom
find in sufficient quantity to experiment with. We have begun marking trees
near where Melanogasters have appeared. This year seems to be something of a
bumper crop, if 9 sporocarps can be considered a bumper crop. Last year 3
trees produced 5 sporocarps. This year 9, although most of them were of
smaller size than last year.

It will be interesting to hear what species are identified.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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