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Andreas Gminder agminder at
Tue May 12 12:13:11 EST 1998

Dear collegue,

I am trying to identify amushroom from an ancient text. It is writen
as Aghrikon and also Agrikon and Agarikon . in the index of the book it
is writen as agaricum, boletus igniarius.

The fungus you're looking for should be Laricifomes officinalis, also
classified in Fomitopsis and Fomes. Nowadays I also have seen that the
old name Agaricum has been reinstalled for this fungus. It is a
polyporous fungus which is known in medicine since old times (greeks,
The boletus igniarius is somewhat similar, but classified in Phellinus

I can't seem to find it in my mushroom books.

That is not really astonishing, as it is said to be a very rare fungus
in all european countries where it has been found yet. It is confined to
old and still standing Larix trees where it grows on the stem, sometimes
in several meters hight. In europe it has a strictly (sub)alpin
distribution and is certainly endangered to (almost?) extinct in some

This boletus identification is writen by the translator (sir a walace
budge) 1920's i think. And classifications may have changed.

Another author claims it is fly agaric.

This is Amanita muscaria and has nothing to do with Agaricum officinale.

best regards
Andreas Gminder - Stuttgart - Germany

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