trametes versicolor

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Wed Nov 11 10:01:50 EST 1998

There is also a good deal of information in Christopher Hobbs' book
"Medicinal Mushrooms" on Trametes and Grifola.

Scott Mcphee

Kerry Britton wrote in message <36466C99.8E1E466E at>...
>Although I would make no definitive assertions as to the curative
>properties of any mushroom as I am not qualified todo so, I respect both
>Mr. Freed's healthy  skepticism and Mr. Vandenberg's will and right to
>pursue avenues of therapy not afforded by the strictures and disciplines
>of western medicine, wondrous though they may be. As neither species is
>known to be at all toxic and at least one is perfectly delectable, I
>felt safe and responsible in recomending that Mr.Vandenberg explore the
>possibilities at his own discretion.Denis R. Benjamin in his
>book"Mushrooms; poisons and panaceas" pp.82-84 makes clear-headed and
>conservative reference to the antitumor and immune stimulating
>properties of some glucans found several species of fungi as does Andrew
>Weil in several of his books. Apparently, much of the research has been
>done in Japan and is not widely recognized. This speaks to the difficult
>nature of supporting such claims and I hope more research to evaluate
>their substance is forthcoming. In the mean time there is much that we
>don't understand and the more we share our knowledge and beliefs the
>better off we'll all be.I hope you feel the same.
>Kerry Britton
>Jerome Freed wrote:
>> Vandenberg and Britton agree that Trametes versicolor and Grifola
>> frondosa have medicinal value.  Would either be so kind as to give a
>> reference for this?  What is the nature of the active compounds?
>> Many thanks.
>> Jerry Freed

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