Macrolepiota and mykorrhiza

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Wed Nov 25 09:41:12 EST 1998

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> Dear colleagues,
> recently someone told me, that the Macrolepiota species are said to be
> (probably) mycorrhiza forming fungi. As I not very convinced about this,
> I would very much like to know, whether there exists some literature
> about Mykorrhiza and Macrolepiota and whether someone of you can tell me
> the literature citation or has own opinions on this theme.
> Thanks a lot!
> best wishes,
> Andreas Gminder - Stuttgart - Germany
I've grown Macrolepiota (Lepiota) rachoides for several years on compost, and
don't believe it is commonly mycorrhizal. But I thought the same thing about
Morchella and have recently been proven wrong!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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