Crushed Oyster Shell

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Wed Nov 25 09:41:08 EST 1998

On Tue, 24 Nov 1998 10:39:58 -0600, "Thorson MacAoidh"
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>Thanks for the information, but I have another question regarding the casing
>layer. When you say mix equal parts of vermiculite, crushed oyster shell,
>and peat do you mean equal by volume or by weight?
By volume.  The actual ratio my friend uses is more like 5 heaping
cups of peat moss, 5 cups of vermiculite, and 5 not quite full cups of
oys shell.  In other words, a bit heavy on the peat and light on the
oys shell.  Casing recipes have a wide range of flexibility.  If it
both holds and releases moisture, has an airy texture, and the proper
pH, it'll work as a casing.   Everything else concerning particular
and exact recipes is just personal preference and whatever works the
best for you will be determined as you gain experience.  
Best of luck,
- 9er

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