OMS Show Cancelled

dwheeler at dwheeler at
Thu Oct 1 15:28:16 EST 1998

The Oregon Mycological Society Mushroom Show, previously scheduled for Sunday,
October 11, has been cancelled. Sorry folks.

Part of the reason is no rain. This has resulted in tremendous button mushroom
abortion. Today, found only a smattering of small fungi and conks where the
forest should have been carpeted.

Hope to try Sat/Sun on the coast, but no guarantees.

Where chanterelles are normally abundant at the time, have found fewer than 1
lb., plus about 60% of buttons either infected with a parasitic fungi
(Sepedonium sps?) or aborted.

Oddly, the forest does not appear stressed. But the mushrooms are not showing

Last Monday at the OMS meeting, an interesting collection of fungi appeared:
C. formosus, Tuber gibbosum (very immature), Alpova diplophloeus, Gomphidius
tomentosus, shelf and conk fungi, and even a very young Catethelasma (sps?)

Especially disheartening is the small size and poor quality of truffles to
date. It looks like a late year, folks.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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