PostDoctoral position

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Fri Oct 2 10:35:12 EST 1998

Postdoctoral position

G-protein-mediated signaling in Ustilago hordei

This project will focus on the cloning and molecular/genetic analysis of
Genes of a g-protein-mediated signal transduction pathway.  This pathway
functions in regulating cellular switching and colony pigmentation, and  is
implicated in regulating virulence and mating.

Experience in molecular biological techniques is required.  Experiments will
involve, but are not limited to, gene cloning, restriction mapping, fungal
transformation and library construction.

Funding is initially for one year with an option for an additional year.

Mail curriculum vitae to:

Dr. Dallice Mills
Department of Botany and Plant Pathology
2082 Cordley Hall
Oregon state university
Corvallis, OR 97331-2902
Telephone (541)737-5303
Fax (541)737-3573
Email: millsd at

Deadline for receipt of application is until a suitable candidate is

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