Truffles and fungi fd 10/3/98

dwheeler at dwheeler at
Sun Oct 4 22:04:45 EST 1998

On a trip to Oregon's newly wet coast today, found the following fungi:

Alpova diplophloeus
Dentinum umbillicatum
Russula brevipes
Hypomyces lactifluorum
Rhizopogon occidentalis
Scleroderma laeve
Scleroderma aureolatum (sp?)
Hygrophoropsis aurantiacum
Fomes annotosum
Ganoderma tsugae

Brought home all the Rhizopogon I could find along with the Scleroderma for
future inoculant. While they were both found with Lodgepole pine, cypress and
willow were also very close by in sandy soil (nearly pure sand dune). No
matsutake or Boletus edulis out yet, but looking forward to some soon.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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