Recipe for Lobster mushrooms?

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Mon Oct 5 12:01:21 EST 1998

dwheeler at wrote:
> Yesterday I went mushrooms at the coast and found the first of the Lobster
> mushrooms out (Hypomyces lactifluorum) growing on Russula brevipes, which were
> also out in force.
> I harvested several, fondly remembering last year's mushrooms feasts which
> included this mushrooms. But today I can't find any of the recipes. Neither
> the Oregon Mycological Society Cookbook and The Ultimate Mushroom Book have
> any recipes about preparing Lobster Mushrooms. So...
> If anyone out there has a nice recipe they'd like to share, I'm more than
> willing to read.
Come on Daniel, surely you can be creative with mushroom cooking. I must
admit I prefer
not to do anything too fancy, otherwise you lose the flavour.

Edwin Hutton

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