Marasmius sps? Help identify.

dwheeler at dwheeler at
Sun Oct 11 15:32:51 EST 1998

Yesterday I found a fungus unknown to me. I hope others on the ng will be able
to recognize a description from mostly macroscopic characteristics.

Fungus is orange-brown, darker in the center than at the edge of the cap,
2-2.5 inches across. Stem is solid, easily separates from the cap with a
slightly swollen knob; and flares at the base slightly. Fungus was found in a
nearly pures stand of Douglas fir in Clark County, WA. Odor is pleasant,
similar to Marasmius oreades.

The fungus is _very_ similar to Marasmius strictipes in Aurura's Mushrooms
Demystified, but has a characteristic not described: the bottom 1/4-1/2 inch
of the stem is skirted by distinctive yellowish to yellowish-white
rhizomorphs radiating outward, above the humus level, producing something
like a skirt of rhizomorphs, which flares the base out to nearly twice its
diameter otherwise. Other rhizomorphs also adherring to conifer leaf litter
at base of stem.

While several specimens were seen scattered over a 20-acre stand, few were
very close to each other. Perhaps the closest I recall were several feet
apart. There was no indication of a fairy ring present.

Any ideas?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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