Does anyone recognize this Scleroderma?

dwheeler at dwheeler at
Sun Oct 11 15:32:52 EST 1998

On 10/10/98 found the following epigeous Scleroderma sps. in Clark Co, WA. Am
hoping someone can identify by macroscopic characteristics.

Peridium: surffy, composed of thin plates or scales; thick, 3-4mm; staining
reddish when sliced. Gleba: slightly irregular globular shape, slightly
thicker near top, slightly thinner near a single ropey rhizomorphic
attachment to the soil.

Total dimensions: 2.7cm, nearly perfectly spherical. Ropey single rhizomorphic
basal attachment extending perhaps .5 cm outward.

This differs from other Sclerodermas that I have encountered by: 1)nearly
spherical, almost Elaphomyces were it found underground. 2) peridium not
minutely cracking, rather sloughing off with irregular-shaped paper-thin
plates. 3) small for a Scleroderma 4) found in a nearly pure Douglas-fir
stand (were some nearby dead Grand fir); 5) found epigeous instead of
hypogeous (I have found Scleroderma hypogeum as a similar site about 45 miles
south of where this collection was made).

Spore mass blackish with slight purplish tint near center of the gleba.
Interior was quite damp when found, but is drying quickly, with much of the
addition liquid reabsorbed into the powerdery/solid gleba.

Daniel B. Wheeler

Specimen is currently being dried for further examination.

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