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dear colleague,

there is no simple answer. For DNA, the age of the mycelium does not matter
very much, as long as you use rude methods for preparing cell extracts.
Grinding in liquid nitrogen is fine if followed by suspending the resulting
powder in buffers containing SDS and proteinase K or similar. I recommend,
however, to use young growth stages, because they tend to have more nuclei
per unit length of mycelium. Thus, the yield will be higher. But: These
things depend a lot on the kind of moulds that you treat. For molecular
analysis of many different plant and human pathogens we have also made good
experiences with DNA from aerial mycelia simply collected from a Petri dish
(also: from filter paper on top of a Petri dish).

For RNA isolation you must first decide on th kind of RNAs (mRNAs) that you
are interested in. Expression can be highly stage and growth dependent.

Good luck,

Joh. Woestemeyer


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