Fungi fd. 10/16/98, OR & WA

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Sat Oct 17 13:09:20 EST 1998

Fd the following fungi on 10/16/98 at areas in both OR & WA.

36 species identified, with several more unidentified.

Agaricus subrutilescens
Aleuria aurantiantia
Boletus chrysenteron
Boletus zellerii
Cluvulina cristata
Daldinia concentrica
entoloma sps?
Gomphidius glutinosus
Gomphidius oregonensis
Helvella lacunosa
Inocybe albodisca
Laccaria amethystina-occidentalis
laccaria laccata
Lacterius rubrilacteus
Laxitextum bicolor
Leccinum aurantiacum
Lentinulla edodes
Lycoperdon perlatum
Marasmiellus albuscorticis
Marasmius rotula
Mycena haematopus
Mycena sps.
Naematoloma dispersum
Naematoloma fasciculare
Paxillus involutus
Polyporus varius
Psthyrella candolleana
Psathyrella foenisecii
Rhizopogon vinicolor
Russula mariae
Scleroderma cepa
Scleroderma laeve
Strobilurs trullisatus
Suillus brevipes
Tuber gibbosum
Xeromphalina campanella
Xylaria hypoxylon

All or many of these will hopefully be used at the Oregon Mycological Society
Show, October 18, 1998 at the Tigard Armory, 3700 SW Oak, from Noon to 5pm.
In addition to mushrooms on display, there will be growing kits, a truffle
display, information on edibility, habitats, and even cooking demonstrations.
Remember, it takes mushrooms to be a fun-guy.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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