Boletus quandary

orinkh at orinkh at
Sat Oct 31 00:17:20 EST 1998

Trying to identify a boletus mushroom that is suddenly everywhere in my yard;
on the MD/PA line, under hardwoods and in pine needles under pines. I've
looked at pix of Boletus auriporus, innixus, flaviporus: could be any or none
of these. Pores have a yellowish cast that extends party down stipe; doesn't
bruise; typical mushroomy smell; size 3/4" to 4" across; grows in clusters
that are also in clusters; top pale brown or yellowish brown; flesh white but
yellow near pores, except very young which lack yellowish cast. Spore print
rusty brown. Stipe uniform, bulbous at base, usually white but sometimes with
brown markings. Any ideas? Fortunately, there's other food in the house.

Orin Hargraves

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