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I hope you can help me. I'm not sure what to believe or what course to take.
I know this is a moderated list, and I hope you will consider my situation
and perhaps offer some suggestions.

My home is in Los Angeles, CA.  Last year black spores appeared in a corner
of my living room near my front door.  Close inspection showed fruiting
fungus on the supporting wood below the house.  I and others could find no
water leak.

The area was scraped clean.  Part of the drywall in the living was removed.
Infested stubds were replaced.  After three months, more fruiting occured in
the wall near the replaced wood.  That wood was also replaced.  The growth
below was treated with a product called Jasco which has copper in it.

This year the spores and fruiting is back.   It appeared on a wood support
below the house under the hardwood floors.  This too was scraped off and
treated with the copper product.

Now I am told that the fungus is meruliporia incrassata.  I am told that the
only treatment is to find the rhizomorphs in the soil and stop their entry
into the house.  The work must involve taking out the front part of my
house, the foundation in the front, removing all the wood the fungus has
touched plus two feet of wood around the areas.

This means tearing apart my house, my living room and dining room floors, my
front porch.   The cost will be a minimum of $30,000 which my insurance
company refuses to cover.

I don't know where to get a second opinion since no one seems to know much
about this.  I called several termite companies and they said treatment was
to scrape off the blooms and treat the area with chemicals.   The people I'm
talking with now say that chemical treatment does nothing.  They say
everything must be replaced and quickly since this fungus eats up houses
very fast.

Do you have knowledge of this fungus?  It is supposed to come from the
ground into houses, and your home page said soil borne fungi was your specialty.

I would like to know your opinion about the nature of this problem and what
treatment you think is effective.
And, if you can, I would appreciate knowing the names of knowledgeable
people in this area so I can double check my information.  I want to do what
is necessary.  I'm reluctant to go into heavy debt to deal with this if
these drastic steps are not warranted.  Is there a less drastic way to deal
with this?

Thank you for any help you can give.


Joanna Poppink

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