Fungi found 9/13/98

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Mon Sep 14 16:16:18 EST 1998

Went to Tillamook County today, with intent to find fungi. In addition to
several badly parasitized Russula, found the following:

Dentinum umbillicatum
Cantharllus aurora-borealis
Thaxterogaster or Macowanites sps.
	(Grayish peridium, columella central, the height of the cap)
Alpova diplophloeus
	(Red alder truffle)
Macowanites sps.
	(columella central, only hald the total height of cap)
Macowanites americanus
	(candy odor, no columella present; badly parasitized by insects; partially
	 predated on, possibly by ground squirrel)

Collections of all of the above are now drying for submission to Dr. James
Trappe for identification.

Noticeably absent from today's collection were any Gastroboletus, Boletus,
Suillus, or Rhizopogon, although I searched carefully where I had previously
found all. Site has apparently been well picked: area which previously
produced over 4 pounds of Cantharellus aurora-borealis today produced only 3,
one of which was still in button stage and was left. Odd, as I left more than
I harvested a month ago.

Part of the paucity of fungi has to be the lack of measureable rainfall in
nearly 60 days.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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