liquid mycelium storage

edward.grand at edward.grand at
Mon Sep 14 16:16:23 EST 1998

I am preparing to make liquid inoculate by dropping mycelium covered agar
chunks into sterilized water, and agitating vigorously.  I will then suck the
solution into a sterile syringe, and use this to inoculate quart jars.

My question is this.  Can I store the inoculate in the refrigerator for a
long period of time without it dying?  Does it need aeration to survive, or
will it just become dormant until aerated.  Is there anything that I can add
to help such as glycerol?  Are there any species specific handling
procedures(I am using Pleurotus ostreatus)?  It would be nice if I could
store inoculate like this, instead of stock cultures, as I seem to have
trouble with condensation in my fridge.

Edward Grand

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