Results of NATS forage 4/3/99

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Mon Apr 5 13:12:23 EST 1999

At least 25 people, including a visitor from New Zealand, attended the April 3
NATS forage to Paul Bishop's Jones Creek Tree Farm, just south of Oregon City.
While most people found truffles, the majority of the material was not very
mature. Nonetheless, a lot of people seemed fascinated by the appearance of
truffles under my 30x hand-held microscope (Tasco, $10 from Radio Shack plus

Among the truffles I tentatively identified:

Tuber gibbosum var. gibbosum (formerly Tuber giganteum Gilkey, just revised by
Trappe. It looks like some may be available in 1-3 months, although production
is sparse.)
Tuber sp. not gibbosum
Melanogaster species, possibly M. tuberiformis or M. natsii (the latter is
confirmed from this site, although rarely collected elsewhere)
Hymenogaster sp., probably H. parksii. (but at least some specimens viewed did
not have a columella associated with H. parksii)
Barrsia oregonensis Gilkey, mostly _very_ immature, only 1 specimen found with
mature spores under 30x
Rhizopogon sp. (R. parksii or some similar truffle)
Martellia sps., very immature (no spores visible under 30x)

Thanks to everyonw who attended, and special thanks to Paul Bishop for hosting
this forage. I think that makes about 35, doesn't it Paul?

Daniel B. Wheeler

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