Tryggvi Emilsson emilsson at
Thu Apr 15 12:38:56 EST 1999

> LITLLA1 (litlla1 at wrote:
> : I live in Central IL. near the Bloomington/Normal area and would like to know
> : if anyone in or near this area has found any Morels yet.  Also, please let me
> : know when and if you did, and the exact location wher you found them! 

A few days ago a friend of mine  found some morels near Fox Ridge Park,
south of Charleston in central Illinois. They were so big, he said, that
he had to go home and get his chain saw in order to harvest them. When he
told one local old-timer about it, he got some advice: 
-"Boy, you don't know much...You should have brung a backhoe. The best 
part on them big ones is the roots..."

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