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> Found a Verpa bohemica, 'Thimble Morel' today while walking in deciduous
> forest path, on this beastiful day.  The soil was extremely wet with
> Lysichiton growing nearby.  Many were old, but some weren't wormy.  I know
> peoples views on this species as an edible mushroom vary.  I have even
> seen them forsale at the farmers market.  Any comments?  kc

Nancy Smith Weber said in an address to the North American Truffling Society
(3 years ago?) that it contains significant amounts of MMH even when dried,
and strongly urged no consumption.

I have had it once pickled in vinegar: pretty good. But a single mushroom is
not likely to prove edibility one way or another. Bottom line is: what is
your comfort level?

You might want to read Denis Benjamin's "Mushrooms: Poisons and Panaceas"

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