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Mon Apr 19 10:12:23 EST 1999

Jeff Kleintop wrote:
>...trying to collect a little list of agar and/or fruiting substrate recipes...
-Most mushrooms like more or less all recipes...
Some are less pH - tolerant than others...
And even such 'strange recipes' like beer-agar or dog-food-agars work
well... Just keep in mind what they want: well composed
Carbo-Hydroxides -the rawer the better- (thus no pure sugar alone...)
B-Vitamins, Trace-elements... (That all you find in most raw stuff...)
Attention: Less is better! Not too much Ions, get a feeling for the
max. taste...
-If it is too concentrated they cannot grow well -> have troubles with

E.g. a (former east-) german book gives us quite a lot (=70!) recipes:
Kreisel, Hanns: Methoden des mykologischen Laboratoriums, Stuttgart,
New York, 1987 pp. 9-43
 From a small organic mushroom farm in Germany...   -Details?
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