Mushroom Production in Russia

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Tue Aug 3 12:16:34 EST 1999

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are interested in the development of factory production of edible

The production of artificially cultivated edible mushrooms is scarcely
developed in Russia.

Therefore we are interested in establishment of new business relations with
you on purpose to obtain the information regarding mushroom cultivation all
the year round.

We are Russian, living in the town of Krasnodar, South Russia, North
Caucasus, close to the Black Sea Coast. Our region is agricultural.

Now the existing working places in Krasnodar are being prepared as boxes for
growing mushrooms in order to continue large scale cultivation and to sell
mushroom compost and mycelium to people.

We ask you to inform us of the conditions of how we could obtain the modern
technology of the whole year mushroom cultivation for mass consumption
(Shiitake, Oyster and Champions mushrooms). These three kinds of mushrooms
are well-known and consumed widely in Russia. However, we would like to have
new kinds of stamms at our mushroom farm (1000 square meters area) and
private mycobiolaboratory, controlling the quality of spawn. Such stamms
might be Florida or kinds suitable for cultivation in our region.

Please inform us of the method of communication with your specialists for
the further collaboration.

We are interested in the realization of conjoint projects with powerful
producers and in the establishment of an applicative information centre of
treatment of diseases of artificially produced edible mushrooms.

For further contacts please use

phone/fax: (007) 8612-576838

e-mail: fidet at

PO Box 214

Krasnodar, 350040


With best regards,

Mr. S.A.Kuznetsov,

General manager of "Meridian"

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