Puffballs/Mushroom pictures info

Doug Gilby wx968 at victoria.tc.ca
Sun Aug 15 21:53:34 EST 1999

Hi, I have what I tink is a mycenastrum corium (Giant Pasture 
Puffball) Is there a good site anywhere out on the NET with 
good pictures of this and other mushrooms? This one smells so
good like its been cooked in a stir fry a semi-sweet deep 
mushroom smell, Smells good enough to eat, but with concern 
that I may not be right any suggestions? I am concerned it may 
be a earthstar type too... info I have some are poisoness.
This one is open at the top about 6 inches wide by 5 inches in 
height, found in Eastern North America in the great lakes region
Lake Ontario are to be specific, in a pasture area... there 
are farm animals and wild animals in the area such as deer 
coyotes/bush wolfs... Please email me or follow-up here in the 
newgroup, if posible and resonable attach a few pictures to 
email, all help is appreciated.
thanks in advance

ps...looks of the season rains and temps these days we should have an
aboundance of wild mushrooms in eastern north america these coming weeks
this week last week already <grin>

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