Microascus trigonosporus?

Lester Pasarell lpasarel at UTMB.EDU
Fri Aug 20 10:28:26 EST 1999

The philosophy in our Clinical laboratory and also mentioned in the ASM
procedure handbook is that any mould (mold) except for the dimorphics ,
when isolated from any respiratory specimen, has to be isolated 3 times
or more from 3 different days in order to consider it significant. The
exception to the rule is if you see any hyphae (in this case the hyphae
should be golden colored since Microascus may be dematiaceus) on direct
examination by using KOH or if Surgical pathology  report a posive GMS,
H&E or PAS slide for hyphae.
If you only isolated this organism once,with other cultures followed (
sputum ,day 1, wash day 3 and wash day 5)and the KHO or surgical slides
where negative I would consider the isolate as a contaminant .

hope this helps


KAYJAY0509 wrote:
> This fungi, Microascus trigonosporus (Scopulariopsis trigonospora)  has been
> recovered from a bronchial lavage specimen. I need information as to whether
> this fungi is considered a pathogen. I have been able to locate very little
> information regarding this.
> Your help would be appreciated.
> Kay (M)ASCP

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