Please help - again !

Birgitte Bisgaard medusa at
Fri Aug 20 10:36:54 EST 1999

Hello !
Can anyone help us with a treatment for Aspergillus infections ?
My formerly collegues still have ear/nose infections.
One is almost deaf and one have trouble breathing course the nose is always

To all of you who wrote to me in the spring 1998, I can tell that the
local authorities finally decided to renovate the day care center
this summer !!!

- And is there any new discoveries about following /  the effects to humans
? :
Aspergillus Sp.,Aspergillus Niger/Versicolor/Fumigatus
Cladosporium Cladosporioides/Herbarum,
Paecilomyces Lilacinus/Sp.,
Penicillium Spp.,
Scopolariopsis Brevicaulis,
Sporotrix Sp.,
Trichoderma Viride,
Mycelia Sterilia,
Graphium Sp.,
Crysosporium Sp.,
and Fusarium,Acremonium and Phoma.

Birgitte from Denmark.

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