Looking for training in fungal microbiology

Vincent Robert robert at mbla.ucl.ac.be
Sat Aug 21 16:29:09 EST 1999

Dear Jerome,

Have a look at this site : http://www.cbs.knaw.nl/services/training.htm

Jérôme Rigot <jfrigot at ucdavis.edu> a écrit dans le message :
jfrigot-1208990752180001 at etox-088.ucdavis.edu...
> Hello,
> I am looking to acquire additional training in fungal microbiology, that
> is from basic identification/keying of microscopic fungi, to the use of
> DNA fingerprinting methodology to recognize and differentiate genus,
> species and var.
> So, I am looking for info about all workshops/training available, or where
> I can find such information.
> Thanks,
> Jerome

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