Help. Need simple grow directions

John Green jongleurdg at
Thu Aug 26 15:27:05 EST 1999

Try the book GROWING MUSHROOMS THE EASY WAY Home Mushroom Cultivation with
Hydrogen Peroxide by R. Rush Wayne, Ph.D.    A search engine should be able
to locate using keywords "Rush Wayne, mushroom, and peroxide".

No telling what quality you'll get using spores.  You could try harvesting a
bit of mycelium by breaking open the mushroom stem of a fresh , choice
mushroom and extracting some of the mycelium in the core.   Peroxide will
kill spores and most single-cell contaminates but not mycelium, BTW.

Another easy way might be to pasteurize using hydrated lime and bale straw.
Good luck.


Bob <Itsalmost at lunch.time> wrote in message
news:37C0382F.4601D48A at lunch.time...
> Hi everyone.  I'm stupid and need some fairly simple directions on how
> to grow mushrooms cheaply.  I already have the spores.  Any help would
> be greatly appreciated.
> -Bob-

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