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i can't recommend any book before mushrooms demystified!

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>>any reccomendation on one or two books?
>>some criteria:
>>I am in the central Northeast US (western Pennsylvania).
>>Color photographs a must.
>>Text in a page adjacent to the page with photograph.
>>Photograph as large as possible to natural size of mushroom in its
>>natural setting.
>>Usage of scientific names instead of common (local usage) names.
>>Warnings on possible look-alike other mushrooms.
>>- alexis
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> There's a classic book, I forgot the name, which is the best but only
> BW photos, and very fat, complicated and expensive for the beginner.
> Your basic "Simon and Schuster's" guide to mushrooms is colorful, to
> the point, and easy to use, and fulfills most of your requirements.
> Although I think it is incomplete because it is biased to U.S.
> mushrooms (northeast especially), but you wouldn't mind about that
> :-).
> David

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