Mushroom identification

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Wed Dec 1 11:55:10 EST 1999

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> How difficult is it to learn to distinguish the different types of mushroom
> >From one another?  My wife claims to be able to do it, but she does this
> just by looking at the pictures in books.  Am I likely to be poisoned
> anytime soon?

I do the same - but I only eat extremely obviously edible ones such as 
Pleurotus Ostreatus (Oyster), Macrolepiota Procera (Parasol), Lepista 
Saeve/Nude (Blewits), Calvatia Gigantea (Giant puffball) etc. 

It's rarely possible to be 100% sure about a mushroom from visiual cues 
alone. Only with other factors - such as smell, location (what it's 
growing on and near), and most important spore type/colour - can you 
truly pin the fungus down.

However, if your wife is experienced at identifying the common edibles 
AND can identify the really posionous ones too, then you're probably OK.

How big's your life insurance? ;-)

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