Psilocybe fakes?

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>>I would be impressed and surprised if
>>anyone could find a REAL reference for this story.
>Time to be impressed!
>F.E. Creek, S. Newell, and M. Joffe "Deceptions in the Illicit Drug Market,"
>Science (1970) 167:1276
>Brian McNett, Webmaster

Hey Brian!
I am impressed! Of course, that was  about 30 years ago.  Since then, with the
wide disemination of knowledge and the availability of grow kits, things have
probably changed.  I would be surprised if this information is still accurate
or useful (but this does not lessen how impressed I am that you found a 30 year
old reference.)

I still maintain that the biggest danger of psilocybin mushrooms is
incarceration, followed immediately by rape, AIDS, and death.  This would no
doubt be reported as a "mushroom related death!"

However, as with other mushrooms, if you can't ID it yourself why do you think
your friends can do any better? Always be suspicious of information.

Those who know don't say,
Those who say don't know.

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