Fungi fd or observed 12/23/99

truffler1635 at truffler1635 at
Fri Dec 24 00:13:02 EST 1999

Spent most of the day trying to find truffles to fill orders. Also noted
a lot of other fungi fruiting, material not necessarily common at this
time of the year:

Helvella lacunosa
Clitocybe sclerotoidea parasitizing H. lacunosa
Tuber gibbosum var. autumnale
Suillus sps.
Lactarius sp.
Bulgaria sps.
Hymenogaster sps, near parksii
Rhizopogon vinicolor

Also found what appeared to be a very young Russula sps. (less than 1-
inch across the cap) with what appeared to be warts on the top.!?

BTW, while Amanita sps are fairly common on the site, none have been
seen this year (or have they?).

Daniel B. Wheeler

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