best way to prepare dried shitake

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Wed Feb 3 01:28:50 EST 1999

dwheeler at wrote:
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>   westlin at wrote:
> > Does anyone have an excellent way of putting
> > the water back into dried shitake.
> > Why ?
> > I want to eat them.
> >
> It's pretty easy to rehydrate them Eric. Put the dried mushrooms in a bowl of
> warm (not hot) water for 20 minutes. Remove. Treat as fresh mushrooms.

Thank's for your answers although i already knew about soaking in water.
When i do soak them in water they become leathery. I suppose there is 
no substitute for fresh mushrooms. I was hoping for something like
steamcook them for 30 min. or put some salt in the soaking water
(or some other additive). Here in sweden fresh shiitake is a bit hard
to find. The dried ones i think works best if i fry them rather hard
in olive oil. If i boil them the become a bit like soya meat substitute
which i don't like at all. They have a nice flavor/smell though,

- Erik

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