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Ross D Baker wrote:
> The message <ant2802510b0fNdQ at>
>   from  James Taylor <james at> contains these words:
> The only wild fungus I have eaten is some Wood Blewits (Lepista nuda)
> that I found on West End Common but I have often read that L.
> amethystea is very good to eat and have seen plenty around Esher
> Common, but I have never been sure of the best way to prepare them.
> What would you recommend? Incidentally I suspect that a lot of the
> people that collect in this area are doing so commercially and have
> little or no personal interest in the fungi they are gathering.

I have not personally tried Laccaria Amethystea, partly because it is
hard work collecting enough of such a small mushroom, and partly because
I have always been lucky enough to find something better on the same
foray. In my experience all toadstool-shaped mushrooms can be treated in
the same way, i.e. grilled or fried or stewed with other ingredients
(try Agaricus spp. with tomatoes, peppers and onions with something
like Marmite for flavouring and colour). If you have tasted Lepista
Nuda you will find most other mushrooms rather bland, with a few
(Boletus Edulis, Agaricus Arvensis, A. Haemorrhoidarius, Lepiota
L. Rhacodes, Lepista Saeva, Xerocomus Badius).

If you have commercial pickers doing your area, you will either have
to get up VERY early or go somewhere else to find anything interesting.
Commercial pickers are very conservative and don't like anything vaguely
blue. They particlularly like Langermannia Gigantea, so I have to get
>From unlikely and slightly inconvenient places.

Happy hunting.

Edwin Hutton

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