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Wed Feb 3 01:29:07 EST 1999

James Taylor writes:

>How many amateur mushroomers are there reading this who find the level
>of ignorance of other mushroomers disappointing, even exasperating?
>My experience is limited to the UK, but can anyone tell me why it is
>that people seem to lack any desire to branch out and try something,
>*anything* other than boletes?

Hi James, et al.'

Although I am a boletaphile, I do not limit my searching of wild edible
fungi to such. Nor do I, come to think of it, limit my forays into the
woods to only edible mushrooms. Like you, it seems, I am an avowed amateur,
with a keen interest of life in the natural world, especially fungi.

Here in the States (Virginia), I've found all kinds of levels of interest
and knowledge amongst folk interested in things mycological. There are
mycologists at the university where I work who know incredible amounts
about the local woodland fungal scene, and then there are people to whom
I've spoken who think that all mushrooms are toadstools and have been
placed there by witches and trolls. And all types of other people,
including myslelf, in between.

I've learned a good bit from some of the experts on this particular list,
and I find that merely having email related to "mushrooms" keeps me aware
of some possiblities during the year. One of the most helpful facets of
this list for me is tracking the northern progression of morels (morchellae
and certain other ascomycetes loved by pigs the world 'round), and hearing
of nearby fruitings that I might expect to encounter in my own woods. Also,
the knowledge of some of the folks on this list has been extremely helpful
to me in terms of IDing different finds I've made over the past couple of

All in all, the timbre of this list provides a comfortable and constant,
low hum. Not unlike the mycological world itself: present in huge tendrilic
form, with occasional eruptions of wonderful fruiting bodies.

Happy hunting,

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