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You probrably have an imperfect fungus.  Best thing to do is get a copy of
Barnett & Hunter's "Illustrated Guide to the Imperfect Fungi."  You'll have
to make a slide of the fungus.  Be careful to use aseptic techniques to make
the slide, so you don't contaminate the fungal culture.  Once the slide is
made, use the dichotomous keys in the front of the book.  Any word that you
don't recognize (and there are specific words that only mycologists use)
look them up in the provided glossary.

Since this is a lab course, the lab TA should be able to lead you to the
required sources, and show you how to aseptically make the necessary

For identification, you'll have to know (at least) the following:
1) whether hyphae have crosswalls (septate, or aseptate)
2) conidia production
3)conidiophore type and morphology
4)hyphal and conidial morphology and color

As I said, you'll need to know at least these characteristics, which is why
you'll need a slide containing these characters.

Hope this helps
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