A lot of molds ! Help !

Maurice Hrycak micral_konios at videotron.ca
Fri Jan 15 12:23:36 EST 1999

Hello Birgitte!

I have looked in "Introduction to food-borne fungi" R.A. Samson, E.S.
Hoekstra, J.C.Frisvad and O. Filtenborg, fifth ed. 1996. And found that
some fusarium sp.produce toxic metabolites like trichothecenes and
zearalenone (mycotoxins) that have effects on humans. Some species of
acremonium and phoma could be pathogenic to humans, according to this
same reference.

Ginette Leclaire
E-mail: leclaireg at videotron.ca

Birgitte Bisgaard wrote:

> Hello !
> Can anyone help us ?
> We have found new molds in our nursery.
> The new ones are: fusarium,acremonium and phoma.
> Does anybody know if these have effects on humans ?
> Birgitte.
> (Denmark)

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