strain duplication

Starfax flawless at
Sun Jan 17 13:49:16 EST 1999

How can I tell if I have an over worked strain. I 'm producing mycelium and
it grows very well. tight, uniform and without any sings of trouble, that I
can tell. I then proceed to prorogate it throughout a rye grain mixture.
Time and time again it fizzles to a no growth. Often after looking great for
5 or so days. I have tried everything with the grain procedure, i.e. soaking
it for 8 to 24 hrs, adding barley malt, varying moisture content. Most
suggestions lead to a over worked strain. My trouble is the mycelium looks
great in the dish and after a few days in the rye, leading me to believe in
is in good health.

Any ideas or suggestion welcome.

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