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James Taylor wrote:
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> > Gerry Chicalo wrote:
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> > > Hi there,
> > >                 I am not sure how this all works. I am trying to e-mail
> > > people that are interested in mushrooms. Did I? If so, please reply! I would
> > > like to talk to you!
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> > > Gerry. out
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> > I picked your post up from the bionet.mycology newsgroup. It's not very
> > active at this time of year.
> I'm so glad that Gerry started the ball rolling. Prior to his posting,
> I had been lurking on these two groups (alt.nature.mushrooms and
> bionet.mycology) wondering whether there was anyone out there, and
> what the general topics of discussion were in each group. The mushroom
> season may be brief in the UK but aren't these newsgroups worldwide?
> Surely there's fungi fruiting somewhere in the world all year round?
> > Where are you? I live in the south east of the UK, about 12 miles south
> > east of the centre of London.
> >
> > Edwin Hutton.
> Sounds close to me (relatively) in Hampton Hill, West London. :-)
I live in Petts Wood, just next to Orpington, Kent (just). I am an
and learnt my 'mycology' in Sheffield with Patrick Harding and Tony Lyon
some years ago. I belong to the Kent Field club but only go out with
very occasionally.
To the south and south east of London we have a number of pretty good
Unfortunately the best one, which is Bedgebury Pinetum owned by the
Forestry Commission, has put a ban on all fungus collecting except by
special licence. It used to be good for Boletus Edulis, Lepiota Procera
Rhacodes, Lepista Nuda, Lactarius Deliciosus/Deterrimus, and a lot of
non-kitchen varieties. Oddly enough the larger National Trust properties
can provide quite a lot of interest.

The Lepista Nuda seem to have run out for this winter - now have to wait
for St. George's (which they don't get in the western USA apparently).

I can't get at alt.nature.mushrooms from my ISP at the moment - 
I only know this newsgroup for fungi.

Edwin Hutton.

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