Help Me! Stachy atra may be killing me

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Sat Jul 10 13:54:08 EST 1999

Am I Dying of Stachybotrys Mycotoxin Poisoning?

I am a 39 Y/O male, my profession is a Battalion Fire Chief
(Firefighter). I have been in a water damaged building for thirteen
years. Recently, an environmental company conducted an air quality
study. They found Stachybotrys at 3100 CFU/M7 and several other bacteria
and Fungus that meet OSHA standards, "for healthy individuals with
uncompromised immune systems."  This environmental companies reports was
questioned and sent to a very well known University that specializes in
these fungi.  The final report from this university to summarize was, "
get the hell out of the building." My employer says there is know
problem with the building because the large Universities report was
incorrect. What is sad about OSHA's standards are that they are for
healthy individuals. Well, if you have cumulative exposure to something
how can you be healthy? and how could someone know that they have been

Before I even knew about this air quality report I became ill, my
symptoms included; memory loss, muscle twitches all over my body, night
sweats, neck and back pain, complete exhaustion, bladder control
problems. chronic insomnia, headaches, chronic sinustitus, A rash on the
extremities that seems to appear after a rainy day, intermittent
appetite loss, blurred vision, dizziness, allot of these symptoms could
be from the six different antibiotics, anti-depressants, sleeping pills,
pain pills, gastro. medications I have been on and off through-out the
last six months. There are eleven other people at my work with similar
We joke at work because we find ourselves being forgetful and we call it
a "Stachy moment."
We all have noticed we forget peoples names that we have known for a
long time. On one occasion I put a gallon of milk in the cabinet  and
the cereal in the refrigerator. I forgot my best friends wife's name and
he thought I was joking. I didn't find that funny.

I have been through the managed health care nightmares, I am on my third
PCP and I have been diagnosed with: Possible MS, CFS, FMS, Depression
"the catch all.", a cyst behind my nose in my sinuses, this was reduced
and they found a foul smelling yellow cottage cheese fluid, MRI's of the
entire body except the brain, CAT scans of the sinus, three chest xrays,
four throat cultures, six ER visits, three days in the hospital, test's
for: Lyme Disease, Hep-B, HIV, Several viruses, thyroid dysfunction,
complete blood work-up etc.  

This is my final attempt to get some help. There is a doctor in New York
who specializes in this nasty fungus; however, this will cost me
outrageous medical bills, airfares, and hotel expenses. which I have to
take out of my own pocket I have an appointment in August and will walk
to his office if I have to.

Is there anybody out there who has ever experienced this nasty stuff? 
Before my illness I completed a Navy Seal workout every other day, ran
1.5 miles everyday, lifted weights, Mt. biked, etc. I fought two
training fires at work the other day and it almost killed me. My heart
rate shot up, I felt exhausted, and I got a bad headache.

When they reduced the cyst in my sinuses the did a biopsy for fungus,
bacteria, etc. that was on June 3, 1999. They still haven't received the
fungal report.  I wonder if the lab in Fairfax, Virginia even knows what
to look for.

One thing I have found during my e-mails, contacts and study concerning
this fungus, allot of people are first diagnosed with Lupus, CFS, MS and
FMS, could there be a link between these diseases and sick buildings?

SOMEONE HELP ME! I am used to helping people in my profession, now it's
my turn to ask for help!        

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