Help! We're sick! Our home is poisoned with fungus and mold via sewage backups. Help!

Clinton Gallagher csgallagher at
Mon Jul 12 11:38:36 EST 1999

My mother and I share a home in Wauwatosa, WI, a suburb of Milwaukee - where
the famous cryptosporidium outbreak killed over 120 people a couple years
ago yet not one official was even so much as fired for the neglect that led
to this tragedy. The suburbs have sewage systems that continually back-up
into our homes pumping raw sewage into the basements. Our home has filled up
four times in the last twenty years - they have been "studying" the problem.

Both my mother and I are sick. She is seriously ill with immuno related
disease and I am getting there with sever allergic reactions - all of this
having just popped up within the last couple decades since the sewage water
has been getting pumped into our homes. Any information I may use to help
hold our municipal government accountable is very much needed.
The simple answer 'move' is not within our means to do so and further it is
now required by law that such disclosures be made so what could we sell the
house for and who would move into a house with a history of being on the
block that gets the sewage water pumped in when it rains too hard?

Particularly, I am searching for correlation to illness and possible loss of
life when the following are found in the home - most pertinently correlating
the presence with sewage back-ups:

Cladosporium species
Aspergillus versicolor
Trichoderma harzianum
aerobic actinomycete
Penicillium species
Rhodotorula species

...all of which have been found in the basement after we begged the State of
Wisconsin Occupational Health Laboratory to come and make field tests.

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