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Sun Jul 18 23:23:08 EST 1999

Were the lymph nodes cultured for fungus in Zambia?  In the US, the
tissues would be stored in a block.  More sections could be cut and
stained with silver stain or Calcofluor stain; but speciation wouldn't
be possible from this method, as any Aspergillus existing in the tissue
would have been killed by the formalin used to preserve it.  Aspergillus
species grow quite well on conventional fungal media found at any lab
that performs fungal cultures. A few species are considered
contaminants, but others can be invasive-fumigatus is one of them. I
don't have my reference books here to look up A. terreus.  Hence, a lab
able to speciate would be necessary (requires additional media that some
labs have, some don't - your doctor would have to request speciation to
insure that it were done-perhaps a physician [ENT?] can take a GOOD
sinus specimen.  A high IgG titer indicates past infection; current
infection would be indicated by elevated IgM titers.  Aspergillosis is a
disease acquired by the inhalation of Aspergillus spores.  In the U.S.,
farmers can acquire it from damp hay.  Were you around anything like

Aspergillosis is serious enough to warrant seeing an infectious disease
specialist.  Years ago, I remember seeing autopsy slides of brain tissue
infected with Aspergillus, if you catch my drift.  Another specialist
you may want to consider if you're in a large enough city would be
someone specializing in tropical medicine. It's a tough call, but you
need to be seeing SOMEBODY. I assume ORL is oto-rhino-laryngology.  In
US they refer to them as ENT's (ear/nose/throat=same thing).  Where are
you located?

Judy Dilworth, M.T. (ASCP)
Microbiology 25 years

DieterHeinrichM wrote:
> Suffering since stay in Zambia some years ago from unspecific malaise:
> problems in the field of ORL: tinitus, allergic nose, hearing loss,
> slight pain on right tosil-side, athritis from time to time, neurologic
> symptoms: impairment of speech, lack of concentration, loss of memory,
> right sided headache from time to time, tiredness,etc.
> Package of enlarged lymphnodes (4cm) was removed (Zambia) at that time,
> without result. Plenty of serologic values (all tropical parasites and
> most of known viruses) schowed normal results again and again.
> Abnormal values were found only in the field of CSF (elevated proteins)
> and high AB-Titers IgG were found against Aspergillus (fumigatus and
> terreus).
> Does anyone know aspergillus or any other mycotic species that can
> invade the lymphatic system of nose and neck, or that would colonize the
> nasal sinuses, causing the problems above.
> What serological tests could be done in order to differentiate between
> allergy and infection?
> Thanks for your trouble
> DieterHeinrichM at

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