fungi in Ohio? 5-31-99

Carl Miller camiller at
Sat Jun 5 00:05:28 EST 1999

You have found a stinkhorn, Mutinus sp. probably elegens.

Carl Miller
Atlanta, GA

Loyd812 wrote:
> Hi, I am trying to find what kind of fugi I have found
> found in mid Ohio today.   growing in a cedar mulch pile that surrounds a small
> tree.
> this specimen is about 3" in length, 3/8" in diameter... a white-ish pink base
> and dark red on the tip. the fungi is about the size and shape of the average
> little finger and comes to a point simular to a crayon. it also has a smell
> like a dead animal.   I would like some help as to how i can identify it, a
> location that may have photos.
>  In all my 30 plus years living here, I have never seen it before.
> thank you,

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