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Mon Jun 7 18:40:12 EST 1999

The Cryptoporous was indeed found on an Abies amabalis (Pac. Silver Fir),
and I have found a source where they enjoy the tastes of Picea contorta
(lodgepole pine).  It does appear to enjoy the firs and the pines, and the
only difference in the preferences of taste is accessability to specific
trees in a given area.  For instance the Lodgepole pine in the Blues Mtns.
is abundant and the beetles thrive there.  Where as the Cascades have a
wider variation in the types of conifers available, that the beetle then
chooses his favorites by not being limited to a single source.  And so far
I have not found evidence of the beetle only enjoying specific types of
conifers in the cascade.  If anyone would know the answer to this please
let me know.  As I know I could be checking the wrong resources.-kc 

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