Oetzi's fungi

David Stevens davidstevens at home.com
Tue Jun 15 21:13:49 EST 1999

Hello NG,

Just a question that has been knocking around in my head for a few
years, hopefully one of you knows the answer or can point me in the
right direction.

Do you recall the 5300 year old "Ice Man" found in the Alps some years
ago?  Very fascinating to me.  Among his many interesting (and well
reported) artifacts was a fungus or mushroom.  I refer to the fungus he
carried intentionally in a bag, not the dozens of stray bits that folks
who live outside tend to get covered with.  =)  I am interested to know
the name or type of that fungus, and any other food items he had.  So
far the only detail I have found is that he had some sloe berries.

My apologies if this is not the proper place to post this question.


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