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Mon Mar 8 17:19:00 EST 1999

Spent yesterday (3/7/99) in WA pruning truffle trees. On the way, just inside
the city limits of La Center, WA (on the N side of the bridge across the
Lewis River) was an old-growth cottonwood snag producing Pleurotus ostreatus
(or P. columbianum): didn't get too close. Kind of nice to see some fungi
after more than 90 days of rain within the last 120. Most of the fungi were
too high or too far away to actually get to, but still nice to look at. BTW,
the Lewis River estuary visible from the bridge is a wonderful place to see
Whistling swans, Canadian geese and a host of other waterfowl, plus
occasional Bald and Golden eagles.

Daniel B. Wheeler
"I like to walk a mile in a man's shoes before criticizing him. That
way, if he gets angry, I'm a mile away. And he's barefoot."

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