Dogs and Matsutake?

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Wed Mar 10 11:30:34 EST 1999

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  kcbolete <kcb at> wrote:
> Nope, never heard of dogs doing that to T. Magnivelare, but I have heard
> of Professional Matsi pickers smelling the mushrooms with a natuaral
> instinctual homing ability similar to that of a dog.  Those
> commercial pickers don't seem to need dogs.  All in good fun.  :7)
> On 17 Feb 1999, Mycos wrote:
> > Anybody hear anything about using dogs to sniff out buttons of T.
> > magnivelare or T. caligata (um). The unique odor would lend itself to
> > this practice but I never hear anything about it from the hardcore
> > pickers.
> >
> >I have trained my dog to find them but really I am much better and find it
breaks my focus...and thats the bottom line....Randy
> >

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