Postdoctoral Position: Signal Transduction

Katherine Borkovich borkovic at
Sat Mar 13 10:19:34 EST 1999

A Postdoctoral Research Position is available to study heterotrimeric G
protein signaling pathways in the eukaryotic filamentous fungus
Neurospora crassa.  This organism is an ideal model system for G
protein-effector interactions in mammals and for G protein-mediated
virulence in fungal pathogens.  Our laboratory has demonstrated that G
proteins regulate growth and differentiation in N. crassa through both
cAMP-dependent and independent pathways.  Possible projects include
identification of novel receptors and effectors, determination of the
relative contributions of multiple G-alpha proteins to the regulatory
networks, and structure-function studies of a fungal G-alpha-i protein. 
Applicants should have a Ph.D. degree in Biochemistry, Biology or a
related discipline, have recombinant DNA experience and possess a good
command of spoken and written English.  Experience in microbiological
techniques and protein biochemistry is desirable.  Send a curriculum
vitae (including a list of publications) and the names of three
references to Dr. Katherine A. Borkovich, Department of Microbiology and
Molecular Genetics JFB 1.765, University of Texas-Houston Medical
School, 6431 Fannin Street, Houston, TX 77030.  E-mail:
borkovic at  The University of Texas Health Science
Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Women and Minorities are
encouraged to apply.

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