Fungi fd. 3/19/99

dwheeler at dwheeler at
Sun Mar 21 13:30:18 EST 1999

Went to Northern Clark County, WA today for a day of pruning trees. Got about
80 done in about three hours, then went to the shiitake farm nearby to see if
anything was growing.

Found a few 6-inch diameter shiitake growing on inoculated Red alder (Alnus
rubra), which were quickly thrown away as being too old. About a pound of
younger buttons was collected, and are destinated for several future shiitake

Also saw the Oyster mushrooms mentioned in an earlier post: these are now
quite large and probably too old for anything except picture taking.

Noticed a lot of a parchment-like fungus growing on the dead Douglas fir
limbs I was pruning, but haven't keyed it out. Hope it transfers to the other
limbs which were scuffled into rows for more rapid degradation.

Daniel B. Wheeler

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