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Fri Mar 26 15:02:25 EST 1999

Available September 1999--We are seeking a master's graduate student
to work with the chytrid fungus that has been associated with deaths
and declines of amphibians.  This fungus has only recently been
isolated from frog skin and little is known of its basic biology.  The
project will include determining optimum growth conditions for the
fungus in pure culture and studies of the enzymes that enable it to
enter and live in amphibian skin cells. The student may also be
involved in DNA fingerprinting of isolates of the fungus for
population studies. Please contact Seanna Annis
(sannis at , 207-581-2621), or Joyce Longcore
(longcore at, 207-581-4396), 5722 Deering Hall, Dept. of
Biological Sciences, University of Maine, Orono, ME, 04469.

Available September 1999-I have a graduate research assistantship
available for a master's student to work with pathogenic fungi that
attack lowbush blueberry plants.  The student's project can involve
field and/or lab work including field surveys, identification of fungi
and molecular biology and physiological techniques.  The three main
areas of research in the lab are; a) distribution and population
structure of the fungus that causes mummy berry using AFLPs (a DNA
fingerprinting technique using PCR), b) field studies examining the
effect of farming techniques on the severity and distribution of fungi
causing stem blight and leaf spot in blueberry and c) physiological
and molecular studies of the enzymes and toxins produced by fungi 
that attack blueberry.   Please contact Seanna Annis,
(sannis at, 207-581-2621), 152 Hitchner Hall, Dept. of
Biological Sciences, University of Maine, Orono, ME, 04469.

An opening is available beginning Fall 1999 for a graduate research
assistant interested in wood biodegradation.  Current projects
include: ecological studies of the role of fungi in nutrient cycling
in the forest;  use of molecular methods to detect decay fungi; 
biological and biochemical characterization of decay processes; and
bioremediation and metal transport by fungi.  For more information
please contact Jody Jellison (jellison at  160 Hitchner
Hall, University of Maine, Orono, ME 04469.

Assistant Professor of Mycology
Dept. of Biological Sciences
5722 Deering Hall
University of Maine
Orono, ME, 04469-5722
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