ID this?

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Thu May 13 10:58:55 EST 1999

Hypercon wrote:
> Can anyone identify this mushroom?  I found it in a large pot of rosemary
> plants
>  [Image]
 From the absence of a volva, the presence of a not yet formed ring,
the white stipe, and the fleshy nature, it is almost certainly an
Agaricus species. Unfortunately further identification is largely
guesswork as the specimens have not matured sufficiently to show
the initial colour of the gills or the colour of the spore print.
It is actually a guess that the mushrooms are not boletes - they
just don't look like them.

Incidentally it is not clear how big the specimens are. When you
take a nice picture like this it is useful to include a ruler or
something to indicate the scale.

Any other offers?

Edwin Hutton.

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